New Service: Getting Started With WordPress

Having a website for your business is an absolute necessity, and there are many different ways you can approach this need. You can hire someone such as us to completely build your website for you, or you can attempt to put one together yourself. Lots of different sites offer free builders, such as Wix, but they are limited with what they offer and end up being more of a hassle to work with. That’s where WordPress shines. Major companies use WordPress, all the way down to this blog you are reading. It’s scalable and can fit the need for most users looking for a website. But it still has a learning curve.

I want to offer a service for those that want to tackle building their website on their own, but need some guidance on getting started. My new service is called Getting Started With WordPress and will be offered along with my other services. This is targeted to those who are at the very beginning and are not sure where to start. This service will offer:

  • Obtaining your website domain and hosting start up
  • Getting WordPress installed on your server
  • Getting a preferred backup Plugin installed and configured
  • Setting up the WordPress backend
  • Installing your Theme
  • 2 hours of one-on-one training on whatever WordPress questions you may have

Again, this option is for those seeking a service to help them launch a website with some training along the way. The 2 hours of training could be used on configuring a few blog posts, learning the meaning for all the elements of the backend, extending your site with plugins, etc. If you would be interested in learning more, please reach out to me at

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