What is WordPress and Why Should I Consider It?

Wordpress Logo

For someone looking to start a website or blog, you probably have heard about WordPress. WordPress is a massive CMS (content management system) that nearly 75 million websites use to manage their site. It makes your website backend structured in a way that is easy to maintain. While there are many different options to choose from, WordPress is the most popular due to its scalability and flexibility. This blog will explain a handful of reasons why you should care and how you could use it for your website.

1) WordPress supports Themes
WordPress offers plenty of options to theme your website. Once WordPress is set up on your web server, you can browse their store for free and/or paid for themes that you can install on your server. Then you simply select that theme as your “active” theme and it will make your website look like the theme. Now you will have to customize it to your liking and fill it with content, but it’s a quick and easy way to get a skeleton together for your website.

2) WordPress Doesn’t Have to be a Blog
The blog portion of WordPress used to be front and center, but you don’t have to use the blog features of WordPress to have a successful website. You can choose a theme that has more of a static home page and bypasses a blog section completely, but the option is always there if you ever want to start blogging. I will say that blogging can help your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which can help your page rank higher within search engines.

3) WordPress Websites Structures Your Content
I know that this sounds redundant, but let me explain. Without using a CMS, you would host your files on your Web Server and have to use a FTP program to access them. With a CMS, it gives you an easy way to upload, manipulate, delete, tag, etc. objects that you can then share out to anyone using your website. WordPress does a great job keeping this stuff organized so you can easily find things in your backend.

4) WordPress Promotes Interactivity From Your Users
WordPress easily allows your users to leave comments on pages, feedback using forms on your website, content sharing, and much more. You can even scale this out to have forums, discussion boards, and much more. If you have an idea of how you would want users to interact on your website, a quick Google search will give you an idea with how WordPress might be able to host your idea.

5) WordPress Can Protect Your Content if Set Up Correctly
One of the worries of putting your content on the web is for it to be lost in case of a crash. You can setup WordPress to routinely back itself up to your server, or even an external location. Also, while you can have Users log into your site for interaction purposes, you can be sure they only have access to section of your site that you want.

While I used the word easy a lot throughout this blog, WordPress is easy to setup and get going, but can be hard to master. You have to be careful with messing with backend items or you could render your website from loading. This is where I can come in and help. Super Mau Dev can help you from the very beginning of your Website, or can be a resource along the way. You can always reach us here if you have any questions. Thanks for reading!